The floathouse is a finished home, ready to move in. It is a basic building-block of our more advanced structures. It is designed to be a year-round home for individuals or a family.

The round hull of this structure makes it extremely comfortable for passengers when rolling side to side. Compared to boats you may have been on before with different hull shapes which roll very quickly and tend to make many people seasick, the round hull rolls very slowly and tends not to produce seasickness. When this structure is built into some of our other configurations, like the Maran or Bermuda configs, roll can be reduced even more.

Use Cases

  • House
  • Office space
  • Restaurant
  • Doctor’s office
  • And more


Floathouse shell cutaway view
Here we have a CAD drawing of the Floathouse with a cutaway view of the interior, before the walls, power, and accoutrements are added.

Floathouse shell side view

Floathouse cutaway view

Floathouse backFloathouse cutaway front

Floor Plan

Dimensions single family home:

Floathouse floor plan dimensions

Top floor for single family home:

Floathouse Floor Plan Single Family Home

Basement for single family home:

Floathouse basement

Floathouse v1.0 specifications

Length 80 feet (24.3 meters)
Height 24 feet (7.3 meters)
Diameter 24 feet (7.3 meters)
Beam 18 feet (5.5 meters)
Draft 4 feet (1.2 meter)
Usable square feet 2300 sf (213 square-meters)
Floor(s) 2
Bedroom(s) 3 total: 1x master-bedroom, 2x regular bedrooms
Bathroom(s) 2.5 total: 1x master-bathroom, 1x regular-bathroom, 1x half-bathroom
Living room(s) 1
Dining room(s) 1
Spare room 1
Shell material Geopolymer cement
Windows 7
Skylights 8
External Doors 2
Floor material Concrete, polished or textured
Wall finishing Mineral paint
Kitchen(s) 1x kitchen with an Island
Kitchen Appliances Bays for: Electric stove, Microwave, Refrigerator, and Dish Washer
Power 1x 48V service box
Shore Power Connector 1x
Emergency Power Batteries 1x 48V Lithium-ion battery
Engine Optional
Waste Storage 4x Blackwater tanks
Exterior Lights LEDs
Interior Lights LEDs

Design Information

Made using our standard filament-wound geopolymer process.


If purchased by itself, roll-stability needs to be considered. If tied to a dock or to another structure, it can be safe and stable, but should not be used where it will be exposed to large wave activity without support from other structures that will keep it from rolling in waves.


Q: I want a custom floor plan or make another change. Is that possible?

A: Yes, that is possible. Contact us for more details.