The spar is our vertical Floathouse product. You will obtain exceptional stability and comfort on the water, even in heavy wave action. The Spar Floathouse is specifically designed for deep sea use and for scenarios where a Floathouse must operate without significant support for long-periods.

Use Cases

  • Home
  • Office space
  • Hotel & bed and breakfast
  • Marine research facility
  • Offshore datacenter
  • Offshore wireless network tower
  • Lighthouse
  • And more


Floathouse sparSpar floathouseFloathouse spar cutawaySpar floathouse cutaway

The blue represents the waterline, showing the majority of the structure underwater. The internal cutaway shows several floors, and the bottom with a large amount of weight which is key to the structure’s stability.

Spar Floathouse

Spar specifications

Length 24 feet (7.3 meters)
Height 80 feet (24.3 meters)
Diameter 24 feet (7.3 meters)
Weight 175 short-tons
Floors 6

Design Information

This structure is made using our standard filament-wound geopolymer concrete, except that in order to withstand the increased depth and pressure we must make the walls significantly thicker than with other configurations.

We plan 4″ thick walls will be enough for most scenarios.


This structure costs significantly more than other Floathouse configurations, due to the extra re-inforcement of the structure-walls because of the depth and increased pressure on the structure, and for the large amount of keel-weight added to the bottom.


Q: How would you move between floors?

A: The drawings for this structure are rough because it will not be the first structure we build and we are focusing our development on other configurations first. But, if you imagine the craft having a stair-case that curves along the exterior wall down each floor, this is how we plan to transit the floors. And to improve the safety of the structure, each floor will be isolated from the next with a door that can be closed and locked and made water-tight.