Bermuda The Bermuda config takes three Floathouses and rigidly attaches them together to form a triangular structure. The triangle being one of the strongest shapes in nature, makes this a very robust structure. Three houses together like this spread out on the water in two dimensions, have a huge amount of weight [...]




Maran The Maran is our dual Floathouse configuration. It incorporates a special mechanism that provides for high stability, called a pantograph-mechanism. With this mechanism, two Floathouses together, side-by-side, both achieve high levels of stability against rolling. More than two Floathouses can be connected together in the same fashion to improve stability further. [...]


The Floathouse


Floathouse The floathouse is a finished home, ready to move in. It is a basic building-block of our more advanced structures. It is designed to be a year-round home for individuals or a family. The round hull of this structure makes it extremely comfortable for passengers when rolling side to side. Compared [...]

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Spar The spar is our vertical Floathouse product. You will obtain exceptional stability and comfort on the water, even in heavy wave action. The Spar Floathouse is specifically designed for deep sea use and for scenarios where a Floathouse must operate without significant support for long-periods. Use Cases Home Office space Hotel [...]


Island Havens


Island Havens Of course a floating city must be more than just a couple boats anchored in deep water. You need power, water, internet, shopping and community, and a dozen other necessities and niceties. Enter the Isle concept. The isle is our ultimate product; you can literally buy an entire floating isle [...]

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Shell Only


Shell Only The floathouse-shell is a versatile structure that can be used in multiple ways. All of our configurations are based on building this structure first, then adapting it into the other styles. If someone desires a use we have not thought of, we offer the floathouse-shell ready to be adapted to [...]

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